Oxygen Park – Bamboo plantation is bio-friendly and absorbs 35% more CO2 and releases 35% more O2 than a regular tree plantation. Bamboo can be planted substantially in public parks and make them as Oxygen parks where the O2 will be released more and would create a better environment. It is commercially attractive and profitable to construct such oxygen parks in hospital premises, commercial malls and also along the roadside pavements.
Bamboo Plantation has immense commercial value addition to the paper, textile, furniture and organic fertilizer Industries.
Bamboo Charcoal is one of the byproducts of the biomass conversion process that is used in almost everything, from ice cream to toothpaste, water pacifiers, face masks and whatnots in the Cosmetics Industry.
Above all, the countries that produce a lower amount of CO2 will ecologically have a better standard of living than the ones that produce more of it.
Thus, AAKASH is technically equipped with the requisite technological support in the field of bamboo plantation and renewable energy to provide any country in the world with sustainable environment friendly industrial space that can be selflessly monitored.

Bamboo Village & Museum

Bamboo village & Museum is a showcase of different bamboo species, bamboo groves, houses and huts constructed using bamboo; Bamboo dependent Industries & Enterprises like Handicraft, Ornament making, Furniture making, Lifestyle and Cosmetic products making.

Bamboo-grove Habitat

  • A self-sustainable community develops and depends on bamboo as its major resource. Houses, resorts and buildings are constructed using treated bamboo, also the furniture and the interiors. The power production using bamboo as feedstock meets the power needs of the community.
  • The bamboo clumps are harvested from the grove developed around the habitat, where the treated effluent water is used for irrigation of the bamboo plantation.
  • The bamboo grove walking tour attracts tourists and the interactions with the inmates of the bamboo grove habitat forming a lifestyle experience.
  • The Bamboo Grove Habitat is a carbon neutral, zero effluent discharge, Oxygen rich location.

AAKASH’s two-fold Concerns

AAKASH has a twofold concern in its business. The first one is global in nature where the production and marketing of green electricity and bio-ethanol generation from bamboo plantations is the prime aim.
AAKASH’s humanist concern: it is rural specific; aiming at the development of self-sufficient energy producing rural centers and charitable institutions as a part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities – Venturing Philanthropy Investments and Sustainability.