AAKASH has been pursuing a comprehensive research on Biomass Energy through Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) working for a decade. The Research team has identified several trees and grass species, which have been identified into an exploratory research considering bamboo’s growth, carbon absorption and other parameters.
AAKASH has based its research approach and development towards renewable energy power projects, on the macro-investment theme, “How to obtain a sustainable and economically viable feedstock supply for the renewable energy industry?” The strategic high-level answer to the question is to apply agricultural-science to the equation, producing chain of essential basic products, in the eco-friendliest manner possible.
One of the main points of our research has been in highly efficient, large scale commercial agricultural and precisely, clean energy generation prototypes, using long standing and proven independent techniques fused to achieve a successful and sustainable model.
The nature of the model facilitates the utilization of the interrelated components internalized from system to source, eliminating costly and complicated logistics.