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Pioneering the future of clean, green
and renewable energy.

AAKASH is a leading bamboo biomass renewable energy company engaged in bamboo plantation and creating sustainable environment friendly sources of energy for the use of mankind. It has made commendable efforts towards transforming economies, protecting & saving our planet from the ravages of climate change, while seeking and advocating renewable energy in a cost effective manner.
AAKASH runs into every fiber and fabric of the society. The Bamboo biomass based company is promoting green energy through bamboo plantation, research, innovation, eco living, lifestyle and more.
We are moving towards a social change brought about by the need for clean energy.
Our collaborators
The Government
AAKASH is among those visionaries who have taken early steps towards a sustainable ecosystem. Bamboo plantation is encouraged for not just the energy requirements fulfilled by Bamboo Biomass but also for the environmental benefits.
Biomass Energy Investor
AAKASH advocates the use of Bamboo Biomass to meet the energy requirements in a clean and renewable manner. AAKASH has identified that Bamboo can provide as much energy as the conventional source with lesser environmental impact and carbon footprint.
Our Projects
AAKASH develops and operates large-scale renewable and clean energy generation facilities based on Bamboo Biomass across the world. Our current sites are located in South Africa and Sri Lanka.
We have successfully developed two projects.
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
AAKASH touches lives through its projects and therefore has a huge responsibility towards the communities among whom it operates. It is proactively involved in the economic development of its host countries and is closely engaged with the local populace, assisting them to have greater access to education, health and social advancement opportunities. The noble cause of giving back to the community has been adored by the AAKASH family from the day of inception; and the legacy continues.
Glimpses of our work as seen by the world. Each milestone that has been achieved is important to us and we take pride in showcasing the efforts of the people in our organization.