Director - Business Development and finance

Rajeev Khandelwal (57 years) is an investment banker and a serial entrepreneur with an experience of almost 36 years. He is a business management graduate from Boston University (USA) with double major in Finance and Marketing. He has set up many business industries across the world in all diversified fields like renewable energy, Bamboo planation that helps countries initiate towards reducing carbon emissions, agriculture & food security projects, textiles and recycling waste management.

His career extends as long as three decades and he has successfully managed and closed transactions over US Dollar 3 (three) billion. This success story is continuing and currently US Dollar 2.5 billion transactions are under executions where mandates are already signed and sealed. In addition to this there is a heavy-duty pipeline project in private sectors like cocoa processing and Gas Bottling plant in Ghana, Steel Industries in Mauritius, Electric vehicles in India, Solar projects in Africa, Government backed projects in India, UAE & Africa. Besides holding Public private partnership (PPP) projects in Africa he develops infrastructure, healthcare, electrification, social housing, water and green energy at several locations.