Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Ram is an energetic multifaceted personality in green energy industry aiming at decarbonised economy and is engaged in multiple endeavoursof bio-energy production and trade in India and other spaces of global significances; and his credentials earned from this world-wide business have enhanced him as aproficient entrepreneur and aveteran businessman in promoting renewable energy sources, particularly biomass. His vision for a carbon free world is a striving force behind him to begin AAKASH, with the sole set onthe clean energy power plants for internationally emerging energy requirements.

Ram is well known for his altruistic attitude and is aware of the fact that industrial growth is inclusive of improving the standard of human living. This self-realised philanthropic spirit and empathetic will to help the people and business communities make himprovide job as well as business opportunities for those who are really in need. Above all, Ram is genuinely concerned for the younger generation and sohe has established technical and vocational institutions across the world to offerholistic education for the students of tomorrow and the adults of today. He is a promising maker of green earth enriched with healthy and wealthy environment assuring the value of human life.