AAKASH has set a proven track record of comprehensive research on Biomass Energy through Carbon Capture and Storage achieved by working for the past two decades. Our research concerns bamboo’s growth, carbon absorption and other parameters at various countries like Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Uganda, Malawi and so on. Also our research has been enhanced with highly efficient, large scale commercial agricultural knowledge and techniques and promoting precisely, clean energy generation prototypes, using long standing and verified unique methods fused to attain a successful and sustainable model.

Aakash scientist team institutes state of art laboratory to nurture the need of farmers assuring their sustainable livelihood. The activities include micropropagation influencing plant gene expression for enhanced fibre content that ceases flowering and abiotic stress tolerance in bamboo species. Discovery of metabolite profiling, gene and pathway engineering should go hand in hand for metabolome manipulation to set a trend in this field. We also focus on an all-round approach to brand Aakash bamboo as resource technologically applied for generating sustainable green energy.

  •    Molecular Diagnostics
  •    Gene Construct development
  •    PCR studies for Transgene tracking
  •    Copy number and gene expression analysis by RT-PCR
  •    Protein expression by Western blotting
  •    Maintaining Genetic resource
  •    Bioassay analysis of putative bamboo plants


Plant Tissue culture Laboratory, Green house, Poly house, Biofertilizer production Unit, Mushroom Cultivation Centre etc. to have collaborations with Government and private organisations.


Mr. S. Ramasubramanian – Chairman

Dr. Bala Manivannan – Director

Dr. K. Muthuchelian – Chief Executive Advisor & Senior Scientist

Dr. C. Ravinder Singh – Chief Scientist

Dr. E. MariMuthu – Associate Scientist

Dr. M. Balasubramanian – Associate Scientist

Dr. M. Saravanan – Associate Scientist

Mr. R. Muralikrishna – Junior Scientist