Our Story

Leader of the future in generating clean, green, and renewable energy.

AAKASH is one of the pioneers in the field of bio – energy production to nurture the need of mankind globally relying on ‘Environment friendly nature sources’ like bamboo plants. Its prime aim is to transform economies, protect and save our planet from the ravages of climate change by advocating and generating renewable energy in a cost effective manner.

Holding its headquarter in Singapore, Aakash caters to the alternative energy requirements across the world by establishing renewable energy generation units in Sri Lanka & South Africa, land development projects in Madagascar and more. Aakash is actively engaged in providing infrastructure and the socioeconomic development for the emerging green energy markets internationally.

Our Vision

To play a leading role in sustainable and renewable biomass energy generation using bamboo plantations. Revolutionize the energy industry with innovative solutions. Create a cleaner and greener future. Empower communities and invest in a better tomorrow."

Our Mission

To establish a sustainable bamboo industry. Create high-value products. Contribute to economic development through clean energy and carbon neutrality. Empower communities and make a positive impact on the environment."


AAKASH works with the collaborators involved in developing a constant business model on all aspects of Bamboo cultivation. Farming the plantation to mitigate climate change would empower the investors with Power generation, Infrastructure, or a productive business style. AAKASH AAKASH involves various stakeholders aiming at forming a business based on Bamboo and Bamboo biomass, aiming to develop and preserve an effective ecosystem.

AAKASH serves as a springboard addressing the adequacy of bio-energy sources required by various Governments across the world and readily extends its technical support in this field to their polity making, assuring a larger impact on the socio economic development of respective nation using the Bamboo plantation for green energy generation. AAKASH promises to keep the notion on par with the Paris accord of zero carbon missions and so helps Governments that launch Power Plants producing clean Energy from Bamboo based biomass. Above all, the plantation and the mission of power generation weave through the social welfare of the community aiming at improving the local environment with green sources and increasing employment opportunities that every government concerns for.

AAKASH facilitates the independent investors of Energy generation providing them with the technical expertise and strategies. Venture capitalists in Biomass Energy are keen in availing themselves of green energy expedited by AAKASH. Indeed, they have to rely on bamboo plantations that can be their reliable and renewable energy source available globally as well as locally for power plants to replace the conventional fossil fuels and strengthen their electricity grids with biomass.

Real Estate Developers can become promising collaborators of AAKASH as Aakash shares the responsibility for cultivating any stretch of land in farming bamboo plantations. AAKASH Bamboo, with its higher tensile and compressive strengths, can prove to be one of the most used building materials supporting alternatives for reinforcement concrete, as scaffolding for construction of bridges, resorts and farm houses.

Bamboo with its offshoots play a vital role in business vertically where the manufacturers and traders would like to team up with AAKASH expanding with raw materials. AAKASH bamboo is unique in high yielding quality and longevity and stands preferred in the supply chain. The harvest in various stages of Bamboo growth suits usability so that these collaborators can readily accept the plant value added to the business. Harvesting bamboo after two years starts finding its application in the products of life ; four years down the line, it finds usability in furniture and within six years, it becomes strong enough to compete with steel!

AAKASH is well recognised for its expertise in Bamboo plantation reducing Greenhouse gases that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) tracks the carbon credits of countries engaged in planting trees. AAKASH facilitates Governments and companies in setting up Bamboo plantations which function as carbon sinks and generate carbon credits which are traced with business maps, such as those operating in the manufacturing, transportation or shipping industries and help them better manage their carbon footprint. Bamboo cultivation on a hectare has the capacity to reduce carbon from the environment to the tune of 80 tones and release about 60 tons of oxygen. Carbon Credit traders can leverage AAKASH Groups’ know-how strategies on bamboo cultivation and its vast stretches of plantations to manage their carbon credit trading.

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