AAKASH has already commissioned two power projects, one in Sri Lanka and the other in South Africa, 10MW and 4MW respectively. 


AAKASH has successfully completed the plantation close to 600,000 AAKASH Bamboo trees which can effectively generate 30-40 tons of Biomass per acre in 2 years consequently the same for the rest of the years and reduce Greenhouse gas emissions of up to 50,000 tons per year.
Aakash Green’s 10 MW Power Generation – On going project in Colombo – 2023
A historic project of producing electricity using bamboo bio-mass has been grandly launched in Vavuniya, Colombo. It is the first of this kind in the world stepping into the power generation field so does Aakash Sustainable Energy (Pvt) Ltd stand pioneer to use exclusively Aakash Bamboo, Its unique brand, in power generation based on bio-mass as a typical alternative renewable energy source. Also it is expected that the power production gets positively connected with National Grid of Sri Lanka in 2024.
Plantation Area2000 Acres 
PPAYes, grid connection in 2024
SEE benefits – (Socio -Economic-Environmental )Generates 600 employment – 1800 families benefited